SNL’s Muammar Gaddafi Has Some Advice For The U.S. Government

Muammar Gaddafi dropped by “Weekend Update” to let us know how the bombing in Libya is going. Spoiler alert: the answer is “not well”. Gaddafi’s attitude toward the airstrikes could be described as flippant; he actually used the phrase “Homie don’t play that” (though he explained he was just excited because they’re only now getting “In Living Color” in Libya).

Not content to continue stubbornly governing his own country, Gaddafi had some charitable advice for us, the country currently bombing his. He reminded us that we’re still in the midst of a financial crisis, and that if he were in Barack Obama’s position he’d be spending the money on teachers, but “that’s just [him].” He also made the salient point that there are authoritarian governments in other nations like the Ivory Coast, but the U.S. has only elected to bomb Libya so far.

Like all good arguments, Gaddafi’s ended with his bank account number on the bottom of the screen to solicit donations, and a CSI joke. Looks like someone’s sense of political propriety is dead. On. Arrival.

Watch from NBC below:

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