SNL’s Paula Broadwell Reads Sexually Graphic Passages From Her Book All In

On Saturday Night Live’s cold open, Paula Broadwell shocked C-SPAN audiences when she read sexually explicit excerpts from her biography of her paramour former CIA director David Petraeus. “Delaram, Afghanistan, July 2010. ‘Lock the door, Paula,’ said General Petraeus,” Broadwell began. “And with my skirt still hiked up above my waist, I wordlessly obeyed.”

She went on, continuing to divulge shocking revelations from her tome.

“The deadbolt slid into place with a loud thunk, and I knew the junior officers outside could easily tell what was going on, but I was beyond caring. The general reached into his desk drawer and pulled something out. ‘Put this on, Paula.’ It was a synthetic wig cut Louise Brooks-style and cotton candy pink. ‘No, David, it makes me feel like a dirty girl,’ I whispered. ‘But you are a dirty girl, Paula,’ he replied. ‘You’re my dirty girl. Now get on that couch.'”

Watch Broadwell’s explicit revelations below via NBC:

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