SNL’s Rush Limbaugh Announces His New Lineup Of Advertisers, Including ‘Depends For Racists’

SNL's Rush Announces His New Lineup Of Advertisers, Including 'Depends For Racists'

We probably all saw this coming, given that this was one of the biggest media stories of the last week — Saturday Night LIve opened the show with a comment from Rush Limbaugh on the fallout from his remarks about Georgetown student Sandra Fluke. Up and coming cast MVP Taran Killam played the cranky radio host, who chastised the “sluts” at Turbo Tax and other sponsors for deserting him after his unpopular rants about birth control.

The sketch was amusing in its dedication to coming up with bizarre sponsors for Limbaugh’s show (“Depends For Racists,” anyone?) but even Killam’s shouty, dedicated delivery couldn’t distract from the reality that the sketch was the same joke repeated about twenty times, making it feel longer than Rush’s actual show. HEY-O! “There could be a nuclear apocalypse, and I would still be right here calling the cockroaches sluts.” I’m sure that’s true, Rush, but luckily we didn’t have to stick around to see it — that was the sign off for the sketch. You can see the cold open below, via NBC:

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