SNL’s ‘Sarah Palin’ Takes On HBO’s Game Change

There’s quite a bit of buzz about “Game Change,” the HBO film based on the 2008 McCain-Palin campaign, and SNL had Sarah Palin on to comment on the film. Except…she looked a little bit different than she usually does on the show, which may have had something to do with the fact that she was being played by Andy Samberg. Seth Meyers immediately asked where Tina Fey was in a stage whisper, and Samberg shot back “I’ve got this” before mangling the former vice-presidential candidate’s “You betcha!” catchphrase.

The sketch was basically an excuse to put Andy Samberg in a terrible wig and let him get everything about the impression wrong, with Meyers clearly wishing that Tina Fey was there instead. Instead, the effect of the sketch was that we wished she was there too! The premise was just too thin to be very amusing. Andy’s blithely confident version of himself was cute (“I can do this, you’re my friend, let me do it!”) but the concept grew stale almost immediately. You can see Samberg’s valiant effort here, via NBC:

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