SNL’s ‘Stefon’ Recommends Mother’s Day NYC Nightclubs

Stefon, how we’ve missed you! Our favorite New York tour guide stopped by a particularly laggard Weekend Update to offer his recommendations for Mother’s Day. Up first was new club “Unhh,” which boasts “piles of expired Lunchables,” and  where you can meet Stefon’s best friend, a 2-year-old UFC fighter with “hands like empanadas.” Bill Hader barely got through that one.

When Seth Meyers asked for a recommendation that was more wholesome, Stefon had an alternative: “SPICY” (picture the word said in Morgan Freeman’s voice), located on the Upper East Side of a dumpster. It’s perfect for Mother’s Day, since it’s “a 24-hour bitchfest” featuring sand worms, rock eaters, and subway sleeping bags — “that thing of when you’re on the train and you sit between two guys in FUBU jackets.”

Also back was Stefon’s raging crush on Meyers. At one point, he even leaned over and stole a kiss, a move that sent both Meyers and Hader into a fit of giggles. Meyers even ended the segment invited Stefon to come home with him and meet his mother, an invitation that understandably thrilled him. Of course, he also had one last recommendation before leaving the set: flying human kites in Central Park. No word on whether or not that’s still a good Mother’s Day activity if you already make a habit of tying a piece of string around a midget wearing a windbreaker, and then running through a field.

Watch via NBC below:

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