SNL’s Stefon Shows Up To Give Hottest Halloween Club Recommendations

During Saturday Night Live‘s “Weekend Update” segment this week, recurring character Stefon showed up to give viewers some hot tips for where to go clubbing on Halloween.

He recommended several clubs, including one where “you’ll be handed a glass of champagne… or is it piss?” Regardless, the club has everything from “slurpees” to “litterbugs.” And don’t worry about security “because it’s guarded by an army of hobo cops.”

Not cool enough for you? Try New York’s hottest halloween party “located in an abandoned whitefish factory in Little Israel.” The party will feature its own answer to Blacula the black dracula: Jewish dracula Sidney Applebaum.

“For a healthy snack, hit the bar and have fraisins — raisins that look like Frasier. Or try your luck with a human piñata,” which Stefon explained is a “Mexican midget” who “eats a lot of candy and dances until he throws up.”

Sounds like fun.

Watch below for more of Stefon’s Halloween tips below, via NBC:

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