Snooki Gives Letterman 10 Reasons Why We Should Read A Book By A Person Named Snooki

Taking the risk in assuming people who watch reality series can also read, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, star of MTV’s Jersey Shore, has released a novel entitled A Shore Thing. While the book will eventually be required reading for all college literature classes (an entire week of discussions will be used to analyze just the pun in the title alone), right now, it just needs to sell. So, Snooki showed up to deliver the Top 10 on the Late Show last night, listing ten reasons why you should read her opus.

While the Top 10 featured jokey reasons like Snooki promising to “grind” on anybody who shows the receipt to her at a nightclub, any real reason to buy the novel could be found last night on the Twitter page of The A.V. Club’s head writer, Nathan Rabin. Rabin tweeted a few excerpts from the book, one of which was a sex scene on the beach while the other detailed a trip to a nightclub that was ruined by a bout of explosive diarrhea.

Man, I’m seriously going to go back to college one day just to unwrap the marvels of this book.

Check out the segment from CBS below:

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