Snow Vs. Reporters: 10 Absurd Moments

Hey, did you hear that it’s been snowing all up in the Northeast? It’s true! And, as is usually the case when the weather does weathery things, newscasters are sent out to brave the elements in order to inform viewers that it grows hot in summer, cold in winter, and that roads may become slippery when wet. The absurdity (and, in many cases, resulting schadenfreude) that results from sending hapless reporters out into nasty weather is amped up when the inevitable happens: Weather-related spills, chills and — yes — thrills.

In that spirit, we’ve decided to compile a list of five funny / cringe-inducing looks at what happens when defenseless reporters are forced out of their safe, cozy studios and into the hellish nightmarescape that is Mother Nature’s playground:

>>> NEXT PAGE: South Florida’s Shomari Stone gets a chilly reception and children prove to be a natural disaster more devastating than a blizzard.

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