So How About a Joe Scarborough Presidential Run? ‘No, No,’ He Claims

While appearing on The View Wednesday morning, Joe Scarborough was asked about whether he’s considering a 2016 presidential run, a rumor fueled by The Daily Caller’s piece quoting several of the MSNBC host’s friends who said he’d make a good candidate. His response to the idea: A very bashful “no.”

After discussing his belief that the Republicans cannot run a good 2016 campaign against Hillary Clinton by invoking the 1998 Monica Lewinsky scandal, guest-host Josh Elliott suggested Scarborough sounded “casually presidential” before asking whether he’d give it a run.

Either Scarborough didn’t hear the question or purposely dodged it, because he moved on to recalling a time when a fashion show attendee told Mika Brzezinski she looked “aspirational” in attire.

Barbara Walters didn’t let him get away without answering, however, asking once more: “Do you want to run for president?”

“No, no,” he responded before Brzezinski butted in: “Do others want him to run? Yes.” Applause ensued (Likely at the behest of a stage manager, as Scarborough pointed out).

“That would be alright if you wanted to run,” Whoopi Goldberg endorsed.

Watch below, via ABC:

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