So This Is The Talk: Les Moonves, Vulvas…

The new CBS talk show The Talk premiered this afternoon. The show is like The View, except more geared towards moms.

With Julie Chen as one of the hosts, CBS CEO Les Moonves (her husband) was bound to come up. He made an appearance today. Also, they talked about vulvas. Come look!

“I have two reasons why I want this show to work,” said Moonves, in a pre-taped video segment that looks to have originated from his office. “First is because I love my wife so much. And the second – if it doesn’t work, I’ll cancel you.”

Chen responded: “All I have to say is, two can play that game, baby.” (The crowd of mostly females cheered loudly.)

There was a two-segment interview with Christie Brinkley, and a lengthy discussion about kids. Then, it was time for a person-on-the-street segment, with Marissa Jaret Winokur about “the talk.” The Talk talking about “the talk.” It was fairly graphic – full of sexual innuendo. Video is below.

So how was the show? Well look, I’m not the target demographic. So while I probably fall into the category of these critics – confusion mostly – I realize this isn’t supposed to be for me. So mom: enjoy this conversation about vulvas and penises.

Here’s the Moonves clip, and below, “Heads and shoulders, vulvas, toes, vulvas, toes!”:

Vagina is said six times in the video below:

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