Soccer Game Canceled as Drone Flies Albanian Flag over Serbian Stadium, Sparking Fights

Riots broke out at a Serbia-Albania soccer playoff game after somebody decided to fly a drone with the Albanian flag over the pitch, causing a fight among the players, Serbian fans invading the field, and the ultimate cancellation of the game.

The Euro 2016 qualifier had been stopped earlier after fans threw flares onto the pitch, but sparked actual fights after a Serbian player attempted to pull the flag off the drone, causing Albanian players to attempt to protect the flag and their national pride.

While the drone part is new, the tensions between the two fanbases are not: Serbia and Albania have, shall we say, a complicated political and ethnic relationship due to conflicts over Kosovo. (Deadspin reports that due to the friction between the two countries, Albanian fans were discouraged from attending the match in Belgrade, and vice versa.)

Watch below:

[Image via screenshot]

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