Soledad O’Brien Clashes With Erick Erickson Over Raddatz’s Moderating: ‘I Think You Have Lost Your Mind’

On Friday morning, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien invited’s Erick Erickson to discuss last night’s vice presidential debate — and how Martha Raddatz fared as a moderator. Erickson firmly believed Raddatz did a “horrible job,” leading O’Brien to conclude, “I think you have lost your mind.”

O’Brien noted Erickson’s tweet Thursday night about Raddatz being an “atrocious” moderator:

“I absolutely think she did,” he confirmed to O’Brien.

“I think you have lost your mind,” O’Brien replied.

“I think you’re a journalist, and journalists are going to give her cover,” Erickson countered. “I thought she was horrible.”

The only time Raddatz really interjected was when Paul Ryan was speaking, Erickson asserted, and only “rarely” when Joe Biden was speaking. O’Brien, to the contrary, said she felt Raddatz was “terrific” — and followed up by asking for Erickson’s thoughts about Jim Lehrer‘s moderating.

Lehrer “got out of the way and let [the candidates] talk,” he said. Biden was “aggressive” last night, Erickson added, and we “needed the moderator to intervene a little more.”

“I haven’t been impressed with the moderators so far this year,” Erickson said, “but Candy Crowley will hit it out of the park, I guarantee.”

On that point, the two agreed.

Crowley is moderating the second presidential debate, which takes place on Tuesday.

The segment below, via CNN:

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