Soledad O’Brien Challenges Rick Santorum’s Press Secretary Over His ‘Take One For The Team’ Comment

The morning after CNN’s Republican presidential debate (perhaps the last one of them all!), Soledad O’Brien had a little chat with Alice Stewart, Rick Santorum‘s press secretary. O’Brien immediately tackled Santorum’s “take one for the team” remark and went on to challenge Santorum’s self-proclaimed status as the only true conservative in the race.

Stewart declared that Santorum did “a great job…despite the distortions from other candidates.” O’Brien then took on the “team” comment, asking about the portrayal that seemed “as if Washington is all about two teams going at it and the American people are stuck on the sidelines.” Stewart responded:

In that particular instance he was referring to the No Child Left Behind issue. And while he did support it then, he has come to learn that federal government shouldn’t have a role in our education. It should not be left up to the federal government and in particular the state, as well. He believes education should be left to the local level, and he is a strong supporter of that.

Will Cain, a CNN political contributor, added: “He was coming off as unlikable, as defensive, he kind of fought for time. Are you worried last night he almost slipped back into that attitude? He seemed a little defensive last night.”

Stewart replied, essentially saying that, as a frontrunner, Santorum had “a big target on his back.” Later in the segment, she dismissed Ron Paul calling Santorum “a fake” — a tactic that “certainly isn’t working for the congressman” — and staunchly stated, “there is no one more consistent than Rick Santorum.”

O’Brien ended simply with agreeing to disagree.

Watch the full segment, via CNN:

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