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Soledad O’Brien Tires Of Steny Hoyer’s Long-Winded Answers, Cuts Him Off Twice

Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) was a guest on Soledad O’Brien‘s Starting Point Wednesday morning, and hit on topics ranging from the economy to his assessment of the State of the Union address. The problem was that he stayed on those topics for way too long.

The interview had a great moment right off the bat, as Hoyer made a joke about the diner food, O’Brien invited him to join them anytime, Hoyer laughed, and then…nothing. For a solid five seconds the two stared at the screen in awkward silence before O’Brien asked, “What’d you think of the speech?”

Hoyer’s answer then became a long-winded, talking point-infused monologue that essentially recapped the State of the Union.

“That’s some of the highlights,” O’Brien said with a smile, “and I’ll stop you there because I don’t want to go through the entire speech from the President last night,”

“I hear ya,” Hoyer responded.

O’Brien then asked another question about the Republican response to the speech, which allowed Hoyer to go on another never-ending answer.

“There is no doubt that the economy is reviving. The stock market reflects that, jobs reflect that. Are we where we need to be? No. And that’s what the President said. We need to do more. We need to grow the manufacturing sector. We ought to do a tax policy that encourages growth of jobs here in America, making things here in America. On the foreign policy front, he was absolutely correct, we have our people out of Iraq, we’re drawing down on Afghanistan, we have a savings that we can apply to infrastructure as his suggestion, or other needs of the American people. But clearly, I think that, uh, I was surprised — “

And then a smiling O’Brien popped up on the screen.

“I’m smiling here because I, because we’re — I want to stop you because, and I, I, you know, with all due respect to you, with every political figure we will have on the show today… When you guys have the opportunity, you tend to go on and on on the side of the issues that you’re interested in — and I greatly appreciate that, but I do want to get some questions in…”

Later in the show, after an interview with Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Tex), O’Brien turned to her panel and said she was making a new rule. “All elected officials need to sit right here, so when I need to, I can stop them. And that is bi-partisan. Take a breath sir! So I can get in there — on the Republican side and the Democratic side.”

Watch a clip of O’Brien’s interview with Rep. Hoyer below, courtesy of CNN:

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