Soledad O’Brien To Axelrod: Democrats’ Strategy Is ‘Scare Tactic’ Aimed At Seniors On Medicare

Obama re-election campaign senior strategist David Axelrod appeared on Tuesday’s Starting Point, where host Soledad O’Brien asked him about the Democrats’ strategy where Medicare is concerned — basically, claiming that Medicare will “end as we know it.”

O’Brien pointed out that the strategy amounts to, basically, a scare tactic aimed at seniors. Axelrod, for his part, described the Republican plan as a “death spiral for Medicare,” adding that “let’s be honest; the Republican party has never been supportive of Medicare and Congressman Ryan philosophically doesn’t really believe in Medicare.”

Furthermore, he said, “I think Congressman Ryan has made serious proposals, but they are seriously wrong.”

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Axelrod also characterized the morning’s previous guest John Sununu’s characterization of Obama’s actions regarding Medicare as an “absolute falsehood.” The President, he said, took away unwarranted subsidies to insurance companies and used that money to “lengthen the life of Medicare by nearly a decade.”

He also said that Romney couldn’t offer a meaningful distinction between his health care plan and Ryan’s.

Have a look, via CNN:

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