comScore 'Somebody Yells Something About A Gun': Austyn Crites Explains How He Was Tackled

‘Somebody Yells Something About A Gun’: Trump Protester Explains How He Was Tackled

austyn-criteseditedIn an interview with reporters Saturday night that was aired this morning on AM Joy, Austyn Crites explained the situation that occurred at Donald Trump’s Reno rally last night.

As you may recall, the Secret Service quickly escorted Trump off stage due to the threat of a gun in the crowd. Trump eventually returned to the stage to finish his speech after it was discovered there was no gun and the whole situation derived from a fracas over a protester’s sign.

Crites, who claims he is a Republican who doesn’t support Trump, told reporters his side of the story. In his view, he was grabbed and tackled by members of the crowd over his Republicans against Trump sign, and eventually someone yelled “gun.”

“When I pulled out the sign, people around me were trying to grab the sign,” Crites said.

He continued, “Because they couldn’t grab the sign, boom, I get tackled by all of these people and someone yells something about a gun.”

The AM Joy panel then discussed the situation for a bit.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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