‘Someone Has to Take a Stand’: Don Lemon Calls on WH Press Corps to Defy Off-Camera Briefing Rules

CNN’s Don Lemon thinks the White House Press Corp needs to disobey the White House next time they are asked to keep their cameras off during a press briefing.

Lemon spoke with White House correspondent Jim Acosta tonight, and they addressed Acosta’s contentious exchange with Press Secretary Sean Spicer about today’s lack of cameras. At one point, Lemon asked Acosta if he knew what would happen if someone decided to turn on their camera during an off-camera briefing.

Acosta said he didn’t know what would happen if someone did that, though Lemon reminded him that he could always find out for himself. Lemon went on to say that he was surprised there weren’t more members of the White House Correspondents Press Association pushing back against off-camera briefings as passionately as Acosta.

“I think someone has to take a stand and turn the cameras on and see what the ramifications are,” Lemon said. “They can’t kick everybody out, and it is the American people’s cameras and not the White House cameras.”

Acosta agreed with Lemon while stating that he doesn’t understand how government accountability became a partisan issue. April Ryan noted some reporters are concerned about losing their press credentials if they illicitly turn on their cameras, though Lemon reiterated that the press corps has to show the White House they mean business.

“You’ve got to stand up and got to take a stance,” said Lemon. “I think if everybody turns the cameras on, and if everybody has each others’ backs, they cannot do it. There’s no way they can do it.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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