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Sony Shows Off Its New Gadget “Dash” On Today, Scares Al Roker


Earlier today, the team over at the Today Show invited Trish Regan over from CNBC to show off Sony’s new desktop tablet, the Sony Dash. The device sits atop whatever table or desk you want and can be programmed, through numerous free apps, to show you news, email, stock market reports, movies, and what have you. It also can show you the weather, which led to the group fearing for poor Al Roker’s job.

The device, Regan tells us, is called the Dash because Sony wants users to think of it as a “dashboard for your life,” constantly being updated with all the information you need to know. In a nice bit of synergy, the hosts discuss the CNBC app that comes automatically with the device before moving onto listing its other uses. It’s when they get to weather that things become more entertaining. As Regan was talking about the weather app, Ann Curry looked over to Roker and helpfully pointed out his redundancy. A rather indignant (but still smiling!) Roker then hilariously remarked, “I bet you can get news on that too!” Cue large laughter from behind camera.

As for the new device, it seems pretty cool to this decidedly non-tech savvy writer. As the Today Show gang points out, the Dash is kind of like a revolutionary take on the alarm clock. Instead of a clock radio, it’s like a clock everything. And, although it’s not portable, it fixes the one design flaw that’s keeping me from buying an iPad: it sits. Don’t get me wrong, I like Apple products as much as the next guy (or Jon Stewart), but, if I’m gonna watch a movie on my fancy new screen, I don’t want to have to hold the damn thing up for two straight hours. Shockingly enough, typing out blog posts all day haven’t given me the strongest of arms.

Anyway, the Dash is out today for all you wacky early adaptors out there, so get on it! For the rest of us, we’ll just enjoy in vicariously in this video and hope that it doesn’t lead to the disappearance of our favorite jolly weatherman.

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