Soundbite: Is Bipartisan Testosterone Turning Off Women and Independents?


“Sunday shows are usually a little more boring than that, that was like a testosterone overload yesterday morning. Part of it is you just can’t understand what they’re saying because they’re talking over each other, which I actually think is what turns off Independents and women when they try to watch these shows and it makes them more frustrated with Washington.”

Dana Perino, former press secretary for Pres. George W. Bush and current FNC contributor, on Fox & Friends this morning.

Perino was referring to a portion of ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, replayed on Fox & Friends, where GOP Chairman Michael Steele got into a heated debate with his Democratic counterpart, Tim Kaine. The arguing was mixed with some physical contact as well, as the duo engaged in some hand-grabbing throughout the segment. Perino’s take was interesting – as she clearly took a shot at both sides of the debate. Although she said later, “I think that Michael Steele absolutely won that debate,” the tone of the argument was one which she identified as a negative for both Democrats and Republicans.

Here’s the testy exchange on This Week:

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