Soundbite: NBC President On The Chris Wallace Snub


“Anytime anybody in the political world uses guest bookings as either a gift or in a punitive way, you start playing games with the news. If you’re an administration official, you ought to be able to answer questions from someone like Chris Wallace.”

Steve Capus, President of NBC News, in a Broadcasting & Cable article about the reinvigorated Sunday show ratings battle.

Capus is referring to the White House snub back in September that saw Pres. Obama show up on every Sunday show – except FOX News Sunday. Chris Wallace says in the article they continue hoping for some administration guests. “We continue to request guests every week,” he said. “My feeling is we’re not going to make it easy on them.”

One other takeaway from the lengthy, wide-ranging piece is CBS’ Bob Schieffer weighing in on the possibility his competitor, George Stephanopoulos, would be hosting Good Morning America. “I think George would be terrific at it,” he said. “But I would just say this: ‘George, I hope you know what you’re gettin’ into, son.'”

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