South Park Creators Admitting To Dropping Acid Before Cross-Dressing At The Oscars

Like many a quinceañera I’ve known, South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker delighted, intrigued, confused and repulsed people the world over when they donned copies of iconic celebrity dresses to the Academy Awards in 2000. “What are they on?” many must have wondered. And the answer to that is “acid, of course.”

The duo told Jimmy Kimmel about what exactly happened on that fateful and Lycra-encased evening:

We thought of it, sort of, the week before. And then the day came and we’re just, like, so nervous. We’re like, “No no no there’s no way,” you know? And it was, like, “We’re not really gonna wear these dresses.” We had tuxes as a backup because we thought we were gonna chicken out. And we did. And we were like, “Let’s not do that. Let’s not do that.” But then we were like, “Let’s take a little bit of the acid and see what happens.” So we did that and of course an hour later we were like, “We gotta wear the dresses!”

This is different from anyone else’s nighttime preparations… how?

Watch the segment for yourself, via ABC:

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