South Park Makes Fun Of Occupy Wall Street, Michael Moore And The 99%

South Park satirized the Occupy Wall Street movement and the political sloganeering of percentiles on Wednesday night’s episode.

The premise of South Park‘s parody was that the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition was punishing the school for scoring the lowest percentage in health and fitness in the entire country. “One fourth grader at this school scored so low with a terrifying body fat score, and high blood pressure and the cholesterol levels of a 70-year-old man that it actually brought your entire school’s average down to the lowest in the country,” said an official during a student assembly. “However, the presidential fitness program never wants to single out one child because then that child might feel bad, and so as far as we’re concerned you’re all a bunch of fat [bleep] pigs!”

Unsurprisingly, Cartman was the fat student responsible for bringing down the average, and as such, represented the 1 percent, pissing off the other 99 percent i.e. the rest of the school. Cartman was frustrated by the other student’s criticism, “Don’t you get it, Mom? People voted for Obama, and now that everything sucks they have to blame me!”

In response to Cartman dragging down the rest of the school’s average, two South Park students, Butters and Jimmy, decided to “Occupy Red Robin” creating a media feeding frenzy with police and press making up the majority of the crowd. Even Michael Moore dropped in to give his two-cents. “I look out at the faces of you protesters and I see the future of America! We are the 99%!!! Yeah!”

Watch South Park’s parody of Occupy Wall Street below:

(h/t Daily Caller, watch the full episode here.)

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