South Park Mocks Trump and Clinton by Depicting Them Self-Sabotaging Their Campaigns


South Park released a new episode, and it’s clear they they intend to keep the season chockfull of political satire for the 2016 election.

The show recently took a look at the election’s progression, during which, Donald Trump stand-in Mr. Garrison realizes that someone as inexperienced and politically inept like him shouldn’t be president, and he must make sure Hillary Clinton (aka Turd Sandwich) wins instead. Last night’s show took things to the Hofstra University debate, where Garrison comes right out and admits “I will f*ck this country up beyond repair.”

Unfortunately for Clinton, her cartoon doppleganger is so over-reliant on the soundbites her staff gave her, that she responds to Garrison’s admission by saying “My opponent is a liar and he cannot be trusted. What he is saying is simply not true.”

“I am giving you this, lady,” says Garrison. “What the f*ck are you doing?”

After Garrison gains post-debate support, he tries to shut things down again by telling his fans at a rally about all the reasons why he shouldn’t be president. When that doesn’t work, Garrison tries telling his supporters he has absolute “contempt” for anyone wanting him to be president, but his audience keeps cheering anyway.

The episode also kept up the season’s second theme about much importance people place on their social media lives. Gerald Broflovski is going on with his double-life as an Internet troll, though he finds himself panicking when he realizes that his mean comments have caused a woman to kill herself.

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