Space Jumper Felix Baumgartner Gives First Cable Interview Since Historic Dive, Shows Off More Amazing Footage

Appearing on Fox News this morning, base jumper Felix Baumgartner gave his first cable news interview since achieving the historic feat of sky-diving from 120,000 feet above New Mexico, breaking the sound barrier in the process of his freefall.

Speaking with Fox’s Martha MacCallum, Baumgartner described the dive as “humbling” because “when you’re standing there outside of the capsule on the top of the world, it’s not about breaking records, it’s about coming home alive.”

He described the “hostile” 40-second out-of-control spin he experienced early in the dive. “It was a very violent spin. You can feel all your blood going to your brain, and I knew I’m not going to pass out, but I was close. I had to fight it all the way through.”

Following the dive, Baumgartner announced his plans to retire from jumping. He explained this decision to MacCallum: “I put everything out there and we succeeded, and now I think it’s time the move on because you cannot top this. … I’m going to work as a professional helicopter pilot in the future.”

As Baumgartner spoke with MacCallum, video played revealing even more footage of his breathtaking jump from his space suit’s perspective.

The full suit video will air as part of an upcoming National Geographic special.

Watch the interview below, via Fox News:

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