Sparks Fly On CNN As April Ryan Goes at it With Republican Panelists Over Comey Coverage


Mary Katharine Ham called out April Ryan and many of her journalist colleagues on Wednesday over their reporting on James Comey‘s opening statement for his congressional testimony.

“I think the question is not whether he acted inappropriately, but whether that amounts to an obstruction of justice,” Ham said on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360.  The Trump critic added that “frankly, on a panel sometimes, it feels like a lot of reporters have already come to a conclusion about that before they’ve even heard [Comey] speak.”

Ryan immediately shot back, “I’ve been in that room and in that place 150 feet from the Oval Office for twenty years. So I’m not condemning him, but I’m going to tell you this: there’s a lot of smoke, and there are a lot of alarm bells.”

Jason Miller interjected, “And that’s a media creation, April.” Much of the large panel got into the resulting back-and-forth, but host Anderson Cooper stopped in to let the former Trump aide explain his point.

“There were sources who were saying on this network and on other networks that Comey was going to testify that he did not tell the President,” Miller said, referencing a Wednesday report that CNN was forced to correct. Cooper interrupted and underlined that “those sources were wrong,” and that the former FBI director “confirmed just about everything else that we and others have been reporting now for weeks.”

The former Trump campaign official replied, “I think it’s a big egg on the face of members for many in the media who wanted this to be a big thing.”

Ryan brushed his point off: “Oh, please! My face is clean — no egg…Republicans are trying to spin as their poll numbers are dropping watching this. People are believing the former FBI director.”

You can watch the exchange above, via CNN.

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