Spicer on Trump’s Nordstrom-Ivanka Tweet: ‘He Has Every Right to Stand Up’ For His Daughter

During today’s White House Press Briefing, Sean Spicer faced questions about President Trump‘s slamming Nordstrom over their decision to no longer sell Ivanka Trump‘s clothing line.

Trump accused the retailer of being “unfair” with their decision to drop his daughter’s brand, and Spicer was asked about whether the president’s tweet — retweeted by the official POTUS account — came from a remaining involvement with his business empire. Spicer said that Trump’s tweet had less to with his business and more with how “he has every right to stand up for his family,” if anyone tries to criticize his policy by punishing his daughter.

Spicer faced subsequent questions on this topic from NBC’s Hallie Jackson. Jackson wanted to know how Trump thought Nordstrom was mistreating Ivanka, seeing as how Trump’s daughter already separated herself from her businesses, and the company said their decision was based on declining sales.

Jackson also asked Spicer about the indications that Trump’s tweet came in the middle of an intelligence briefing he was scheduled to have.

Watch above.

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