Spike Lee Unloads on Sterling: He Has ‘Mentality of a Slave Master’

Director Spike Lee reacted to Donald Sterling‘s racist rant on CNN Monday night, saying he’s heard plenty of stories about Sterling’s thoughts on race before and wondering why it took so long for him to be exposed for who he really is. Lee told Anderson Cooper Sterling has to go because “he’s tainted the league and he’s tainted America.”

Lee even went so far as to say, “That is the mentality of a slave master. He sees his players as slaves.” Lee said both white and black players need to step up and speak out, because right now, he argued, their game is being affected by the controversy.

He told Cooper that racism and racial resentment is always bubbling right under the surface, but as soon as an O.J. Simpson or a Trayvon Martin comes along, it “explodes.” Lee also rolled his eyes at people being careful about not calling Sterling an out-and-out racist. He said, “For people to say, ‘well, it’s alleged and this stuff,’ what, we gotta have a picture with him in a robe and a hood and holding a burning cross? Is that what it’s gonna take to make people understand who this vile individual is?”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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