Spoken Like A Politician: Dobbs Skirts O’Reilly On Political Plans Question

Picture 2In addition to fighting for candy canes everywhere, Bill O’Reilly used Friday’s edition of the Factor for a little sit down with ex-CNN anchor and political hopeful Lou Dobbs. Without dithering, O’Reilly mentioned Dobbs’ aspirations for either a senate run from New Jersey or even a full-scale presidential campaign, forgoing the obvious “Will you run?” question in favor of a more meaty query. Unfortunately, what he got in return was all fat — low on substance, but full of political grease.

“What would be the main thing you would want to accomplish were you elected to high office?” O’Reilly asked, fairly.

“The first thing I would want to accomplish, and I would want any candidate whom I supported to accomplish, would be to restore representation to the American people,” Dobbs responded. Note the definite vagueness implicit in the clause “…and I would want any candidate whom I supported to accomplish…” He continued to speak of a leader’s responsibility to “faithfully represent our foudning values and ideals.”

“The elites are turning a blind eye — turning their backs — to the very people who make this country work,” Dobbs continued. Then came the money moment:

“All right, so you’re gonna run as a populist guy,” O’Reilly quipped at the end of the clip. “I’m an independent,” said Dobbs with a smirk. “So am I,” said O’Reilly. So am I.

See it for yourself:

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