Star Jones Tears Apart Jeantel Critics: ‘Appalling’ ‘Misogynistic Tactics’ For Female Pundits To ‘Mean Girl Her’

Lawyer and TV personality Star Jones sat down with Piers Morgan tonight to fire back against people in the media criticizing Rachel Jeantel, star witness in the George Zimmerman murder trial, for how she conducted herself last week. She saved her harshest words for women in the media who engaged in “misogynistic tactics” to attack her credibility.

Jones said she felt sorry for Jeantel, especially considering how people are trying to portray her as an “idiot.” She also used the opportunity to address the racial issues raised by the trial, saying that African-American women don’t have the same luxuries to go through life like white men do, and warning that people will continue to make comments like the negative ones about Jeantel if the country doesn’t engage in more honest dialogue about race.

Jones then addressed how female pundits have been going after Jeantel in a very personal way.

“I found it appalling that women would sort of Mean Girl her in terms of the way she looked, what she wore, what her weight was, how brown her skin was, how she wore her hair. I think that women… have to be supportive of other women. You don’t have to believe everything that another woman says, but if you engage in the same sort of misogynistic tactics that men engage in, we are destined to always be thought of as the other gender.”

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