‘Start at Home!’ Meghan McCain Says George Conway Should Call Out Kellyanne’s ‘Abhorrent’ Behavior


The View’s Meghan McCain turned marriage counselor for D.C.-based power couple The Conways’ Wednesday morning, as the two publicity-minded spouses continue to opine on very different sides of President Donald Trump.

For those just waking from a coma, Kellyanne Conway serves as counselor to President Donald Trump, and vocal defender of everything he says and does, with seeming little regard for how the rest of the world is reacting.

George Conway is the Republican power lawyer who has entered the political media zeitgeist for his volumes of tweets and opinion columns that call out President Trump in a remarkably candid and critical way. It has all the makings of a three-camera sitcom for CBS primetime.

After playing a clip of Ms. Conway answering media questions about Trump’s racist tweets directed at “the squad’s” countries of origin by oddly asking a reporter about his ethnicity, The View studio audience can be heard awkwardly laughing, after which Ms. McCain jumped in, calling Conway’s response “tone-deaf.”

She then lit into husband George, whom she correctly identified as “one of the most adamant outspoken people” against “what talked about the president’s Tweets being racist.” Her message to Mr. Conway?

“Start at home, okay?”

“He gets on his high horse on Twitter all the time,” McCain lamented, adding, “If I felt like my husband were getting on TV and saying racist comments, and I was outraged, we would be having a conversation.”

Seems an entirely reasonable take Ms. McCain and one we are better off as a nation for hearing. Whether the Conways will listen to your advice and that tough marital convo, remains to be seen. But I do suspect some aspiring screenwriters are already at work on that pilot.

Watch the clip above via ABC.

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