Start Your Monday With This Hysterical Utah Weather Forecast From Flavor Flav

Let’s start off the new week with a laugh, shall we?

Public Enemy alum and lover of clocks Flavor Flav appeared on Fox 13 this weekend to give his take on the weather for the capital of Utah. While things looked pretty good in the skies around Salt Lake City, Flav’s trademark swag and topical rapping were easily the highlight of the day’s report.

“I’m here to bring you the weather,” Flav rapped. “Not only for the good, but for the better. You know what I’m saying? I ain’t playing.”

Seeing as how Flav has bounced from rapper, to reality star, to restaurant investor, it only makes sense that meteorologist would be the next step in his progression as an experimental career artist. Flav conceded that weather reporting isn’t really his thing, but he thanked the network for letting him do the segment and gave a shoutout to a pal working at a nearby school.

Bonus points to whoever counts how many times Flav said “you know what I’m sayin” throughout the segment.

Watch above, via Fox 13.

[h/t Vanity Fair]
[image via screengrab]

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