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Stefon Appears On SNL To Recommend Spring Tourist Destinations

Oh Stefon, it’s good to have you back! Spring has come early and so has our favorite NYC tour guide, who swept onto the “Weekend Update” set to raucous applause. Stefon was here to give visitors a rundown of fun things to do in the city now that the weather is getting warmer. He was in fine form — his first recommendation was Thank You, a club located inside a “crashing blimp,” that features “that fat Hawaiian guy that no one invited…an old Pakistani woman that looks like a California raisin” and where you can play trivia games like “Shaun White or Bonnie Raitt?” He also recommended a hot spot that was opened “at gunpoint in a Lady Footlocker” in Long Island, which might actually exist.

I confess, I enjoyed this visit from Stefon just slightly less than his others, which I think is just part of being human and, with regular viewing of Saturday Night Live, getting used to having him around. His appearances are no longer the huge thrill they used to be, but the show has been very smart about using him sparingly so far. This sketch still delivered the wacky writing and barely contained glee from Bill Hader that we’ve come to expect in this role. Also, he and Seth Meyers toooootally made out. You can see the clip here via NBC:

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