Stelter Bashes ‘Irresponsible’ Hogan Gidley for Comments Dismissing Call to Revive Briefings: Knows Better ‘Than to Say That Kind of Crap’


CNN’s Brian Stelter was not happy with White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley for his insulting dismissal of calls for the Trump administration to hold formal press briefings again.

Stelter and his Reliable Sources panel held court on Sunday over the open letter thirteen former White House press secretaries and government officials sent to the White House, asking them to restart regular briefings. Former Pentagon Press Secretary-turned-CNN analyst John Kirby explained how briefings can pressure the government into functioning better, and Stelter followed up by asking what Kirby thought about Gidley calling him and the letter’s other signers “D.C. establishment swamp creatures.”

“How offended were you by that hateful speech?” Stelter asked.

“I wasn’t,” Kirby responded, to which, Stelter interjected to call Gidley’s comments “irresponsible.”

“Hogan knows better than to say that kind of crap,” Stelter continued.

“It was sophomoric,” Kirby agreed. “I have a thick skin. You can’t be at two podiums like I was without thick skin.”

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