Stephanie Cutter Fired Only Hours After Being Hired by MSNBC, NBC

cutter cnnOn Friday, NBC and MSNBC announced that former Obama aide Stephanie Cutter had been hired as a political analyst. But on Friday, they also announced that they were cutting ties with Cutter.

As Mediaite reported at the time, Cutter’s new role was announced only a day after The New York Times reported that she had been tapped to lead a group of Obama veterans called the Constitutional Responsibility Project, created to push for the nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. As many pointed out, this seemed to present a fairly large conflict of interest.

NBC Universal apparently noticed, too. “We look forward to Stephanie’s insights on our air during this election year, but she will appear as a guest and not as an analyst due to her leadership role in the battle over the President’s Supreme Court nomination,” they announced when contacted by The Washington Post‘s Erik Wemple.

Cutter was set to make her debut on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports but it never happened, making it very likely she is the first cable news personality to be dropped before making a single appearance.

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