Stephanie Ruhle Bashes Hugh Hewitt For Suggesting She Wants to be Bloomberg’s Press Sec: ‘Shame on You’

Stephanie Ruhle bashed Hugh Hewitt on Wednesday by accusing the conservative radio host and MSNBC contributor of misleadingly suggesting that she’s gunning to be Michael Bloomberg‘s White House press secretary.

Ruhle gave an interview to Hewitt where they focused on the Green New Deal and whether Bloomberg will end up making a bid for the 2020 presidential election. As Ruhle predicted that the former New York City mayor will eventually step into the ring, Hewitt asked “if he wins and he’s the president, will you go be his press secretary?”

“I would definitely be open to it,” Ruhle answered.

Here’s how Hewitt framed that on Twitter:

Later on, when Ruhle held a panel discussion on Bloomberg for MSNBC Live, she accused Hewitt of not giving the full context of her remarks. As she acknowledged that she used to work for Bloomberg News, Ruhle struck back at the “absurd” headlines Hewitt generated by insinuating that she’s actively pursuing the job.

“I jokingly said ‘sure I’m open to anything.’ I see headlines already saying I’m up for that job. That’s absurd, and as a private citizen, if any sitting president called me for a meeting on any job, I would obviously take that meeting. Hugh Hewitt, shame on you. This is a false headline”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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