Stephanie Ruhle on Democrats Running for 2020 Election: ‘I Think About All the Wasted Money’

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle expressed skepticism this morning over a large number of Democratic candidates running for the presidency in 202o, calling it a potential waste of money.

“Such a crowded field. Do you think that’s a good or bad thing for Democrats?” Ruhle asked former New Jersey Governor Christie Todd Whitman (R) during a panel.

Officially nine Democratic candidates are running for reelection, with about 20 who have expressed interest in running, and one who has already dropped out. Whitman said the crowd of candidates can’t be a good thing for Democrats, just as it wasn’t a good thing for Republicans in 2016.

“It’s nice to have the diversity,” said Whitman. “It is good to see so many people wanting to engage, and who are really motivated by what’s gone on the last three years. So that part is healthy but I think it could be a problem because it certainly was for the Republicans in the last cycle.”

Ruhle suggested it would have been a lot more beneficial if the money spent on Democrats running for reelection were spent on things like public education.

“I see all those faces and I think about all the wasted money,” she said. “That’s about to get raised. Imagine if that money went to our public education system.”

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