Stephanie Ruhle Picks Apart Ex-GOP Impeachment Manager Argument by Listing Trump’s Foreign Business Ties


MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle went after former GOP Rep. Bob Barr for arguing he was only concerned about corruption, listing President Donald Trump’s many current foreign business ties.

Barr, one of the House’s managers for the impeachment of Bill Clinton, told Ruhle on Velsi & Ruhle Friday that he was more concerned about Joe Biden in Ukraine, which Trump’s alleged pressure campaign to find out more about helped launch impeachment proceedings.

“Certainly raises a legitimate question for inquiry,” he said. Ruhle then asked if he would want to look into Trump’s family if the same things were being alleged.

“If in fact we were to see the same scenario, yes. I have not seen that and that’s not the subject matter,” Barr replied.

“Are you troubled by Jared Kushner’s family–666 Fifth Avenue–we don’t know where they got their financing from and are you troubled by the president’s move as it relates to Turkey when he has business ties with Turkey?” Ruhle followed up, noting John Bolton expressed concerns about the Trump family’s business dealings in Turkey. “Are you concerned with Jared Kushner’s younger sister using Jared’s position in the White House to try to market a real estate project in China?”

Barr dodged, saying “you’re packing a lot of unrelated material in there” and said he didn’t believe Trump’s policy decisions in Turkey would be driven by helping his business interests “in the absence of direct evidence.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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