Stephanie Ruhle: Trump Is ‘Straight Up Lying’ When He Says He Won’t Benefit From Tax Plan

Earlier this week, after details of the long-anticipated GOP tax plan were finally released, President Donald Trump told reporters that the plan was made specifically for working- and middle-class Americans and that he personally wouldn’t benefit from it.

PolitiFact and other outlets immediately stated that this was absolutely false, as the proposal included a lot of giveaways to wealthy individuals, leading the White House press corps to grill chief economic advisor Gary Cohn on the claim today. (Cohn dodged those questions while insisting the middle class would do well under the plan.)

At the top of today’s broadcast of MSNBC’s Hardball, host Chris Matthews went hard after the president, stating that “it just seems to me that these big sparkling diamonds of tax cuts are out there for people with a lot of diamonds.” He added that raising the bottom tax rate was the “opposite” of “Robin Hood.”

Fellow MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle was even more animated than Matthews and lit into the president for making this assertion rather than trying to sell the tax plan on its merits.

“If you’re going to do all these things, make the argument that that is somehow going to help the economy,” she exclaimed. “Instead, the president is straight up lying when he says he’s not going to benefit from this.”

After hammering the administration for pushing for the elimination of the death tax, which would help out Trump’s children, Ruhle invoked the White House saying today that Americans don’t care about whether the wealthy will benefit.

“So spare me the president telling us this isn’t going to help him,” Ruhle noted. “And they say America doesn’t care. They do care about their own pocketbook and care about leadership lying.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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