Stephen Colbert Agrees With Herman Cain: Suck It Up Unemployed, It’s Your Own Damn Fault

Colbert Agrees With Herman Cain: Suck It Up Unemployed, It's Your Own Damn Fault

During Tuesday’s CNN hosted GOP debate, moderator Anderson Cooper challenged front-runner Herman Cain on his previous “if you’re not rich, blame yourself!” statement. Cain’s doubling down was cited, then “celebrated,” last night, by Stephen Colbert, who brilliantly re-constructed various blame-game rhetoric that made a mockery of the whole ordeal.

The essence of Colbert’s commentary:

Suck it up, unemployed. It is your own damn fault that you don’t have a job. Speaking of which, where are all these jobs Obama keeps promising? People can’t find work and it is all the president’s fault. So stop scapegoating Wall Street, workers. Because you’re the problem that Obama caused. His wasteful spending and bailouts are why these unemployed people can’t pull yourselves up by your own bootstraps. You whiners should shut up and fix your problems that Obama has done nothing to fix. But Herman Cain will fix the economy and get you a good job because Herman Cain knows the buck stops with 999.

The unemployed have no one to blame but themselves. And the Obama administration. Watch the clip below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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