Stephen Colbert And Anderson Cooper Feud Over Whose Phallus Report Is Bigger

Well it appears that detente is now over and the “cheesy cable news feud” between Anderson Cooper and Stephen Colbert has once again heated up. The contentious issue this time is a recent Colbert report focused on a Denver area man who sees hidden phalluses in much of the Denver Airport artwork. Interesting story, right? Well Cooper’s AC360 covered the very same story back in May, and recently put Colbert on his “Ridiculist” for not giving CNN credit for their breaking phallus coverage.

There are so many jokes to unpack in the following segment that it would be better if I just got out of the way and had you just watch the clip. I will say that, for the good of the TeeVee world, let’s all hope that Cooper and Colbert continue this feud, as its about the most entertaining thing we’ve seen in a long, long time. SPOILER ALERT: It culminates with Colbert drawing phalluses all over Cooper’s face (which was the alternate headline seriously considered.)

Watch the segment below, courtesy of Comedy Central.

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