Stephen Colbert Asks ‘Comrade’ Chris Hayes Why He Wants Him To Fail

On Thursday night, Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert sat down with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes to discuss his book, Twilight of the Elites.

First thing’s first: Colbert wanted to know why it is that Mr. Cool-Guy-No-Tie Hayes doesn’t wear a necktie, wondering if this means that, perhaps, he also doesn’t wear underwear. (He does.)

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Turning back to Hayes’ screed, Colbert asked whether Hayes wanted “guys like me” to cease to exist, as per the book’s title. The answer? “Yes!” Colbert also wanted to know what, exactly, Hayes means by “elite,” pointing out that the author is himself a member of the “media elite.” Is this, he wondered, simply a cry for help?

Hayes argued that the system currently in place enforces an inequality that makes it so that elites cannot help but ultimately fail.

Check it out, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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