Colbert Blasts CNN, Fox Business And Fox News Over Incorrect SCOTUS Report: ‘You. Suck. At. News.’

On Thursday, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert that “we got the news we wanted” regarding the Supreme Court’s health care ruling… even if that news ultimately turned out to be the result of convoluted wording and a mad rush by networks to get the report out first.

Yes, as you might be aware, CNN, Fox News and Fox Business all initially offered incorrect reports regarding the health care ruling on individual mandates.

“It. Has. Been. Struck. Down,” a clip showed Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network personality Stuart Varney saying.

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“No. It. Has. Not,” Colbert replied. “You. Suck. At. News.”

“Oh, what a novel idea!” Colbert continued. “Read the decision before you open your mouths and break a man’s heart!” Apparently, there’s more to a Supreme Court ruling than just its first page.

Colbert was, of course, slightly devastated. Throw-water-on-your-face-stick-cutlery-in-a-toaster-get-slapped-by-an-unfortunate-intern kind of devastated.

But, hey, he added. It’s not like he’s never gotten a report wrong by rushing through something…

Have a look, via Comedy Central:

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