Stephen Colbert Blasts Donald Trump: ‘He Is A Clown, Only With More Make-Up’

It was only a matter of time before the megalomaniacal faux political commentator Stephen Colbert took aim at megalomaniacal faux political commentator Donald Trump and the planned GOP debate that the reality show host is set to moderate. While Colbert considers The Donald “a friend,” Colbert laced into the self-proclaimed billionaire before announcing “Stephen Colbert’s South Carolina Serious Classy Republican Debate.” If anyone is going to make a mockery of the GOP primary process, it should be Colbert!

After setting up the story of Trump’s potential debate moderation, Colbert took a mean and nasty turn toward his “friend,” launching into a pretty impressive tirade:

But I get why they’re hesitant. The guy’s a clown only with more makeup. I can they because Donald’s a friend, a tremendous guy. He’s great. We have the world’s number one-rated friendship. Having said that, He’s a joke. A big cuckoo lunatic. I wouldn’t trust him with a burnt match. This guy is not a king maker, he’s small potatoes. Fingerlings, tremendous. Best side dish ever. Do the math, I personally broadcast 161 shows a year, he does 20. A middle school production of The Music Man does more than that, okay? He’s a child. He’s a toddler wearing man pants. Look at this yuck. Looks like a gin-soaked raisin fell into a nuclear reactor.

Colbert then announced his own debate plans, which was predictably well received by his audience of supporters. Watch the segment below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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