Colbert: SC Storm Looks Like Something ‘I’m Not Allowed to Say on CBS’


Stephen Colbert drew attention to the Hurricane Joaquin-induced flooding that is currently ravaging South Carolina on Monday night. The Late Show host grew up in Charleston, and has often featured the state in some of his more memorable comedy bits. However, instead of poking fun, he used his national platform to draw attention to the damage and devastation, and setup a collection of charities on the Late Show website.

Well, the funny man did have a little fun. Of course Colbert used the flooding for comedy, albeit not at the expense of the victims. Instead, the Late Show host targeted the much-repeated media talking point regarding the severity of the storm: “This is the most rain South Carolina has received in 1,000 years. We know this for a fact thanks to surviving weather reports from Kiowa Indian meteorologists.”

Colbert also poked fun at the storm itself, which never made landfall in the United States but caused much of South Carolina’s initial flooding. He did so with a rather interesting weather graphic, which resembled “the trunk of a demon elephant.” It also looked like something a little more “intimate,” Colbert joked, but he noted that he wasn’t allowed to say what by CBS.

Too bad he didn’t poke fun at TODAY Show meteorologist Al Roker‘s inappropriate selfie from Monday. Instead of the storied “Late Night Wars,” NBC and CBS could have a “Night Owl/Early Bird Scuffle.”

Check out the clip above, via CBS.

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