Stephen Colbert Busts A Move Over Hilary Rosen’s Remarks Mixed With A Phat Beat

Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen‘s controversial comments about Ann Romney put Stephen Colbert into an ecstatic mood, as he played multiple videos of gleeful pundits slamming Democrats over her comments. One such clip included Georgetown University professor Christopher Metzler saying that “Many Democratic women believe that you can be a woman so long as you’re like them, thanks! We appreciate it!”

“Yeah thanks, women like me and Christopher Metzler really appreciate it!” Colbert snarked. “Mmmmm, I got to tell you, folks, this is good. This is good, this story is delicious!”

Colbert then called out to show director Jimmy to put Rosen’s quote up on a loop.

“Now drop a phat beat on it!”

A Hilary Rosen controversy dance party quickly ensued.

The late night host busted some sweet moves, as Rosen’s comments played on a loop with a smooth groove.

Watch Colbert dance to Rosen’s quote below via Comedy Central:

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