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Stephen Colbert, Chris Wallace Spar Over Robert Mueller Hearings: How Can You Say They Were a Disaster?

Stephen Colbert went head to head with Chris Wallace on Wednesday night when the late-night host questioned the Fox News anchor about his negative review of Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress.

Wallace called the hearings a “disaster” for Democrats and for Mueller’s reputation, which President Donald Trump leaped on Wednesday during the intense media flurry. When Colbert had Wallace on The Late Show, he noted that Wallace made those comments in the early stages of Mueller’s hearings, so he asked: “Is Fox News’ motto, ‘We report and decide before the thing’s over?’”

Wallace explained that his assessment was a live reaction to the proceedings thus far, but Colbert continued to press “in what way was it a disaster? It seemed like a well-organized and choreographed recitation of the moral, ethical and criminal failings of the President of the United States.”

As Colbert argued that Mueller’s performance doesn’t detract from the core findings of his report, Wallace countered that the report has been out for months and the testimony didn’t breathe new life into it as some people hoped.

“The whole reason that the Democrats…wanted to have this hearing is, they kept saying, the quote was, ‘People aren’t going to read the book, they’ll watch the movie,’” Wallace said. “Well, the movie was a snore.”

Wallace and Colbert continued to go back and forth over the hearing with Wallace calling out Mueller’s “sad” handling of questions, and Colbert accusing Wallace of giving “performance notes” that don’t delve into the substance of Mueller’s findings. This segued into a moment where Wallace said Colbert represented the “anti-Trump tribe,” to which, Colbert responded, “I’m in the ‘don’t lie to prosecutors’ tribe…I’m in the ‘do not welcome the help of a foreign country to win our election’ tribe.”

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