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Stephen Colbert Contrasts Civil Discourse Of Reps Allen West And Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Earlier this week, DNC Chair (and House Representative) Debbie Wasserman Schwartz (D-FL) took to the floor of the House and derided the GOP’s latest budget plan known as “Cut, Cap and Balance.” Rep. Allen West (R-FL) took great exception with her comments and sent an email to the DNC chair calling her “vile,” a “coward,” and “not a lady.” Last night Stephen Colbert drew a sharp distinction between the two by juxtaposing the sharp rhetoric of each, and quickly devolves into Colbert shouting “whore” (and much worse) at the image of Wasserman Shultz.

The segment illustrates yet another example of the absurd nature of political theater. It also exemplifies how late night segment ideas can often be found on the pages of Mediaite, as our own Tommy Christopher essentially made the same point yesterday (without the amplification of absurdity for comedic effect.)

Watch the very funny segment below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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