Stephen Colbert Critiques Marco Rubio’s Insult Comedy Chops

Stephen Colbert devoted a chunk of his opening monologue on Super Tuesday’s Late Show to critiquing Marco Rubio‘s latest tack of roasting Donald Trump with schoolyard taunts.

The show was taped before the polls closed, Colbert cautioned, “so I still don’t know yet who won, or who cares.” But it was all but a fait accompli with Trump poised to make a sweeping victory — leaving GOP establishment darling Sen. Marco Rubio in the dust. The Florida junior senator appeared to be losing all the key demographics even in his native Sunshine State, Colbert mused, namely “the elderly, the furries, and guys in jean jackets who sell pool noodles out of a van.”

Jeb Bush once famously told Trump, “You can’t insult your way to the White House,” but look what happened to him. Lesson learned, apparently. In the days leading up to Super Tuesday, Rubio has attempted to remold himself as the primary’s own “Don Rickles,” Colbert said.

This included taking potshots at Trump, insinuating that he micturated massively in his pants prior to the GOP debate last week, and suggesting that Trump’s stubby fingers were indicative of shortcomings in other departments.

“This could work,” Colbert observed. “Insult comedy is a time-honored political strategy. Who could forget the Gettysburg Address, when President Lincoln famously decreed: ‘General Lee’s mother is so fat, we could keep the Union together with one of her belts.'”

Video via CBS.

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