Stephen Colbert Declares War On ‘Midwestern Media Elite’ After Local Iowa Station Declines To Run Ad

Any Stephen Colbert clip that includes the line, “the fat cats in Des Moines think they can sit in their ivory corn silos and play puppet master with our national politics” is deserving of our undying support and enthusiasm. And so it is with Colbert’s (what’s a new way to say “epic rant”?) funny bit about a Des Moines TV station that declined to run the campaign spots produced by Colbert’s political action committee.

The clip–which includes local Emmy taunting, shoutouts to competing Des Moines TV stations, and a refreshing dose of Nebraska-bashing–tears into WOI-TV’s reasons for refusing the ads: because they might confuse Iowa voters:

“Confusing to Iowa voters? Really? We’re not talking about the dip—-s over in Nebraska. This is Iowa. And unlike WOI, I believe Iowa voters can understand even a complex message like go to the Ames straw poll, write in Parry, spell it with an A. Or did I lose you WOI? Should I have the boys from WHO NewsChannel 13 explain it to you?

Watch it here, from Comedy Central:

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