Stephen Colbert Defends Newt Gingrich: He Doesn’t Need To Lobby, He’s A Celebrity!

There is an old Native American adage that win blows a little harder at the top of the totem poll, and the recent primary race for the GOP presidential nomination appears to be a perfect example of that metaphor. Most recently, polls have put Newt Gingrich at or near the top of GOP presidential hopefuls, and as such, many barbed critiques have started flying in his direction. But Stephen Colbert will have none of it, especially when it comes to what he feels is an unfair portrayal of Gingrich as a money-grubbing lobbyist.

Colbert set-up the bit by playing a news clip that cited a NY Times report that, via Gingrich’s health care consultancy, the former House Speaker made millions of dollars in assisting companies to promote their services by allegedly providing access to government officials.

Colbert call this an “outrageous accusatiom” before rhetorically asking “how dare you accuse of a congressman with no discernible skills?” He then pointed out that Gingrich couldn’t possibly be a lobbyist, because as his aides have pointed out, he is not a registered lobbyist. Colbert went for the kill, saying “if he is not registered, ergo he’s not a lobbyist…the same reason that i have not registered my Audi A8, so legally it’s not a car….which is why i can drive it on the sidewalk.”

Watch the clip below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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